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InBCN NEWS, an ISO certified company, central India largest ‘Digital Cable Network’ which directly penetrates 30- 35 lac population across “Vidarbha”. We are in the field of Digital Cable Network since 1996. We are Pioneers in broadcasting Entertainment & News in Vidarbha region. We produce and telecast our own 24×7 News Channel simultaneously on INBCN (In Digital & BCN) has respectively 7 lac set-up boxes at Vidarbha region, and 5 other cable networks namely, Siti Cable, ACN, G7 Entertainment, ABS & SCN respectively.
Today, television enjoys maximum penetration than any other media and it is seen by one and all. Hence, advertisement through TV is most effective due to its ‘widest coverage’, whereas newspaper advertisements are much cluttered & crowded and it provides only a moment attention. Unlike newspaper advertisements, TV advertisements are repetitive and hence, it provides maximum impact and coverage among all the age group.

We feel honoured to have the support of our viewers, Cable Operators and our esteemed clients. To induce involvement of public, we keep doing ground level activities like Talent hunt shows, Public interaction, Expert shows, Celebrity interviews and Live shows giving solutions to our viewer’s queries, thus resulting in highest viewership. Overall, we produce fresh content on daily basis, covering all subjects related to our viewers. InBCN is a tie up with IN Cable hence Advertisement will telecast on “IN & BCN NETWORK” as well as website www.inbcn.in & over social media. LIVE TV, YouTube – Instagram – Facebook – Twitter… You can download the app INBCN from Play Store and App Store to watch our channel live 24×7. Also we have ventured into LED SCREEN HOARDING & OOH segment having our properties at premium five locations in Nagpur. Eight location in upcountry.

In Digital & NXT & Digital InBCN Channel No.988 SCN Channel No.986 DIGIANA Cable Network Channel No. 092 ABS Digital PVT. Ltd. Channel No. 101
G7 Digital Entertainment Channel No. 901 ACN Pandhurna (M.P) Channel No. 1999 SITI Cable Channel No. 092

NAGPUR METRO SAMACHAR Hindi Daily Newspaper has been published regularly. This is Nagpur based Newspaper since 2019, having strong determination for ‘valuable & authentic’ reporting we are listed in DAVP and MAHA DGPR. Hindi Daily “NAGPUR METRO SAMACHAR” covering both rural and urban major areas of NAGPUR, BHANDARA, GONDIA, WARDHA, YAVATMAL, AMRAWATI, GADCHIROLI, CHANDRAPUR Districts.

                                     The readership has been widely spread all over Maharashtra region and all government aided libraries throughout all districts & Maharashtra region. In very short period of time the daily newspaper has craved its own niche among the Hindi speaking audience by circulating around 32,570 copies per day, Which subsequently has been approved & registered by Central Govt. “Directorate of Audio Video Publicity” (DAVP) & State Govt. “Directorate General of Information & Public Relation “(DGIPR). This newspaper covers all news and information of finance, commerce, economics, industries, trade, commerce, capital markets, social, politics, cultural, sports etc.

Mr. Siraj sheikh

In BCN news & Nagpur metro Samachar founder

Chairman & founder Of infounderrBCN news & Nagpur metro Samachar, Mr.  Siraj Ramzan Sheikh, Entered into the lottery business at a tender age of twelve, and with only a meagre 200 rupees. Today he owns sixteen businesses that give annual turnover of more than 100 crore. BCN cable, Nagpur Metro Samachar newspaper, INBCN news channel, Taxi and bus services, Bharat software Services, Bharat Travel Agency, Lotto World, Bharat collections, etc. are several companies he owns.

He is 48, youthful, and apart from business takes interest in sports, music and social services.

Mr. Faizan sheikh

Managing director

Managing Director Mr. Faizan Sheikh, Son of Siraj Sheikh has wide range of portfolio to offer. Having ample of knowledge in Tourism Industry which he utilized to run the business, He has graduated in Bachelors of Business Administration. Faizan sheikh aged 22 is the youth and empowered icon of central India, is the first co-founder of this company. Mr. Sheikh is involved in many businesses and tries to give best services and like never before experience.

Mr. Imran Sheikh


Ms. Amrin Sheikh


Ms. Zoya Sheikh